Olfactory Branding

Creating an olfactory identity means investing in narrative capital, an inestimable value for your brand and an invisible and memorable bond with your customers.

The intangible marketing

Olfactory branding is a marketing discipline with a high rate of innovation and growing relevance in the world of those companies where the customer is, together with the product, the central focus of all storytelling and brand experience. The goal is to involve customers in a unique and unforgettable experience by stimulating the sense most connected to emotions and memory, the sense of smell.

Through olfactory branding, the brand is enriched with the deepest and most memorable form of communication. The perfume tailor-made for the brand evokes, involves, seduces more than images and words, because it speaks the language of emotions and becomes your ambassador, an invisible olfactory fil rouge that accompanies your image everywhere.

Smell: the perfect sense

Smell is a fundamental sense in communication. The perfume, acting on the most primordial part of the brain, influences our emotions, sensations, memories and the unconscious. It makes us happy – the mood improves by 40% in the presence of a pleasant fragrance -, it arouses dormant memories deep down and allows us to remember or take home the memory of the experience linked to the brand.

The olfactory logo of your company

The central element of an olfactory branding project is the creation of an olfactory identity that reflects and tells the identity of the brand, but it is also able to tell a story through the evolution of the various notes, a sensation and a precise emotion.

The olfactory identity takes the name of olfactory logo or olfactory signature, a new sensorial element that is integrated as a supporting pillar within the identity of a brand. The olfactory logo is therefore an element of branding which has the same importance as the visual logo, but higher hidden potential than it. The olfactory signature is not a simple perfume diffused in the environment but a tool that enters the marketing, communication and branding strategies of a company, transforming the perception of the customers and their shopping experience. As the visual logo of a company is always present in corporate communication, the olfactory identity must also be a constant and omnipresent element in any business activity.

The Olfactory Branding process

The creation of an olfactory logo is a process that takes its cue from the ancient alchemical art
and combines the craftsmanship of master perfumers, the know-how of olfactory, multisensory
and storytelling marketing specialists and the best raw materials from laboratories of excellence.


The Analysis and the Brief

To create something unique, we carefully study the brand identity, the company history, the style, the personality, the language, the values, the communication objectives, the sectoral and geographical consumer target, the location. We do all this to translate the brand DNA into an exclusive, recognizable and memorable fragrance.


The Master Perfumer

We work with a portfolio of Italian and foreign master perfumers. For each project, we choose the right creativity and the right hands that will design, note by note, raw material after raw material, a set of fragrances for the customer to choose, perfectly in line with the brief and the analysis.


The Multisensory event

The choice of the olfactory logo is important and it is made once in the life of a company, as for the visual logo. This is why we want to celebrate this important step with a multisensory event: an exclusive location in the artistic centre of Florence, a master musician, the master perfumer, the artisans and the manager of the client company, are the actors of a memorable day.


The Olfactory Logo and the Storytelling

The olfactory logo is a unique environment fragrance, chosen by the client from a range of fragrance proposals. It is told in an olfactory branding book, with the reason-why of the choice, the initial analysis and the brief, the manifesto and the storytelling of the fragrance. Information that will become an integral part of corporate communication and sales staff.


The Olfactory Furniture

The fragrance tailored to the brand is incorporated into a personalised olfactory collection. The client can choose from a wide range of olfactory furniture and merchandising objects, to be sold in the business space or to be used for gifting strategies.


The Diffusion in Place

For the diffusion in the place, it is used the latest generation technology, almost always through the channelling. Projects designed specifically for each space, with the invisible installation of powerful and advanced devices, remotely controlled 24 hours a day, capable of scenting large surfaces with the highest standards of performance and safety.


The Scent of E-commerce

It is not enough for a product to be packaged in excellent quality packaging: it must leave a mark to be remembered. Imagine the package of the product purchased online on your website, which releases your personalised fragrance when the customers open it and hold it in their hands. The invisible fil rouge of the olfactory logo reaches everywhere in the world, to tell your story through emotions and sensations.


The Training

The sense of smell is one of the most underestimated senses and there are few people who know in depth the real potential. Through our training courses and workshops on perfume, we bring people and the customer’s sales force closer to the magical world of artistic perfumery, teach the language of perfume and tell, through storytelling, the olfactory logo of the company. The goal is to teach how to sell a perfume and tell your brand through your olfactory logo, using the correct gestures and terminology and guiding the end customer on an emotional journey to discover one of the most fascinating liquids on the planet.