Golden View Suite

What is the olfactory logo of the world’s smallest hotel? A secret suite, equipped with an extraordinary view: from both the windows and the panoramic terrace, it almost feels like you can touch the Ponte Vecchio with a finger.

Golden View Suite

The client

The Golden View Suite embodies the essence of exclusivity and luxury in the heart of Florence, qualifying as the world’s smallest hotel with its unique 50 sqm room. This secret suite offers a breathtaking view of the Ponte Vecchio, so close it seems you can touch it, while the serene Arno river flows just below. From the windows, you can also admire the Uffizi and, with a bit of attention, the historic Società Canottieri Firenze.

The Suite

Purchased by a wealthy Arab entrepreneur, the suite was renovated to become a Florentine residence that celebrates the artisanal excellence of Oltrarno. Then, love at first sight struck Tommaso Grasso and his wife Sara, owners of the Golden View restaurant, who acquired this gem to offer a unique experience. With walls and ceilings frescoed in the Renaissance style, a cozy fireplace, a four-poster bed, antique furniture, and a kitchen equipped for private events, the suite transforms every stay into an unforgettable occasion, whether a romantic night or a special celebration.

The olfactory identity

The ambient scent of the Golden View Suite was custom-created by Ephèmera to narrate the magic of this place. Between the window lines of the Uffizi, you can glimpse the statues and works of the most illustrious artists, from arts to literature to music. As the sun sets, the red light envelops the city and everything around it. This scent captures the sensation of sunset lights, experienced while looking out from the terrace of the Golden View Suite, and the feeling of red velvets and frescoes on the ceiling. A refined and elegant fragrance, capable of evoking a welcoming atmosphere and making one feel a bit at home, thanks to the delicate note of milk. This scent choice is not random: it pays homage to the strong family values and hospitality that permeate the Golden View Suite and the renowned Golden View restaurant. Sara, not only an experienced entrepreneur but also a caring mother, leads this symphony of hospitality and kindness, transmitting human warmth in every gesture and word. If beauty could be encapsulated in a scent, it would surely be the essence that pervades the Golden View Suite.

The use of the ofactory logo

The ambient scent is adopted as a sign of welcome inside the suite and is also diffused on the bathroom linens to create a constant olfactory imprint.

The creative process




Analysis of brand identity and interview with Sara, the decision-maker of the fragrance


Creation of fragrance samples


Selection of the fragrance and diffusion with olfactory furnishings