& Smith

Each fragrance tells a unique and unrepeatable story. The olfactory journey we created for Catellani & Smith accompanies the visitor to the new Bergamo showroom, discovering the brand identity through a melody of olfactory notes chosen to measure.

Catellani & Smith

The client

For almost 30 years, Catellani & Smith has been making handmade Made in Italy lamps, true works of art that redefine the concept of space lighting by giving new forms to light.

Art, handmade, elegance, refinement, Made in Italy, history, beauty, hospitality, feeling at home, light, passion, inclusion, naturalness, simplicity. Elements that have been enclosed with absolute fidelity in an essence.

The showroom

The new Showroom extends over 3 levels, each one characterised by a well-established purpose and use. The exhibition space is conceived to be a place that anyone can frequent – therefore not necessarily linked to a purchase – and it is designed accordingly so that the location is welcoming in all its parts, arousing the sensation of feeling at home. Refined furniture, selected amongst the proposals of the high range Made in Italy, but always characterised by a practical and not purely aesthetic function; the lights and the arrangement of objects; the use of natural materials and of many plants; all these elements combine to create an informal and pleasant environment to frequent.

The Scent Identity

The accurate choice of each individual olfactory note has generated a fragrance capable of transmitting an enveloping sensation of warmth, welcome, light and positive energy. The heat recalls the concept of light that warms and illuminates, but also the familiar and welcoming atmosphere that is breathed in all Catellani & Smith spaces: in the workshops of the artisans who have worked for many years in the company, in the offices and in the demonstration spaces and shops, dedicated to sector operators and end customers; not an aseptic and formal place but warm, inclusive, friendly and enveloping. The final fragrance was chosen by the CEO Tobia Catellani at an event organised at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, with the participation of the “Naso”, the interior designer Francesca Ravasio and the Capponi General Contractor, who oversaw the renovation and interior design of the new Catellani & Smith showroom.

The scent installation

The olfactory logo of Catellani & Smith is spread inside the Bergamo showroom through high-tech diffusers
and antique pharmacy diffusers with rattan stick. The fragrance is also used within the various stages of
corporate communication. The packaging of the products was also scented with the bespoke fragrance.

The creative process


Brand identity analysis and interview with the company CEO


Creation of fragrance samples together with the master perfumer


Organisation of the event in Florence for the choice of the olfactory logo


Installation of machines for diffusion in the location


Design of the olfactory furniture


Creation of the olfactory branding book


Team building event organised for the company management to discover the world of artistic perfumery

The results

The fragrance welcomes, envelops, makes the visitor of the showroom dream. Both the sales staff and the customers greatly appreciate the choice that has been made on the type of olfactory notes, because they are very warm, welcoming, refined and they reflect clearly and directly the brand identity. Those who visit the showroom would no longer want to leave that magical space, made even more memorable and unforgettable by the Catellani & Smith olfactory sensation-emotion.