Osteria della Brughiera

At Villa d’Almè, Bergamo, the Michelin-starred Osteria della Brughiera presents a high-level culinary experience in a welcoming environment, enhanced by artistic details.

Osteria della Brughiera

The client

Osteria della Brughiera was established in 1991 by Stefano Arrigoni of Tuscan origin, who transformed an elegant 19th-century country house into a cozy and romantic restaurant. The intimate and sometimes magical atmosphere, warm tones, soft lighting, fresh flower arrangements, and the ever-careful green garden complement the culinary and emotional journey that the patron offers to his guests. It feels just like home, surrounded by significant artworks, rugs, and decorations, in the piano room and by the fireplace, always lit during winter.

The Osteria

With a Michelin star since 1998, the kitchen, led by chef Stefano Gelmi, aims to discover and enhance the raw materials and products of the region, creatively combining them with more distant inspirations. The respect for the seasonality of ingredients, the use of both meat and fish, and a particular focus on vegetables, result in an extensive and varied menu. The outcome is a perfect balance between taste and aesthetics, between tales of the past and the novelties of our time. The cellars house important wine labels as well as novelties from around the world, in addition to cured meats and cheeses carefully selected and aged by Stefano, following a legacy of experience left by his father Valter. La Brughiera is a place of elegance from times gone by, today made by Stefano, the Chef, and his young team, a forge of ideas and innovations.

The olfactory identity

The olfactory logo of Osteria della Brughiera was born from the desire to evoke a unique atmosphere that accompanies the gastronomic experience, without overwhelming the flavors of the cuisine. This custom fragrance draws inspiration from nature and the distinctive elements of the restaurant, merging the elegant rusticity of the environment and the culinary tradition into a bouquet of almost imperceptible essences. The scent, the result of careful selection and on-site experimentation, becomes the olfactory backdrop of a place where every detail – from the wooden beams to the rugs, from the fresh flowers to the fire in the fireplace – contributes to creating a memorable multisensory experience, imbued with warm Tuscan hospitality.

The fragrance manifesto

The fruity top notes and floral heart reflect the garden backdrop of Botticelli’s Spring. The fresh effect of bergamot, the sweetness of Nashi pear, the succulence of nectarine peach, and the crispness of apple are interwoven with romantic floral notes, outlining the restaurant’s elegance and attention to detail. The scent trail evokes a Tuscan lady wrapped in soft burgundy velvet, with jasmine and rose flowers in her hair, moving gracefully through the restaurant rooms, creating an enveloping and charming atmosphere. The base notes, characterized by vanilla, patchouli, cedarwood, and fruity musk, conclude the fragrance with a soft and lasting elegance. This fruity bouquet gives the sensation of a precious Renaissance velvet, honoring the Tuscan roots that contribute to making the sensory experience at Osteria della Brughiera unique.

The use of the ofactory logo

The ambient scent is used at the restaurant’s entrance in elegant amber diffusers.

The creative process




Analysis of brand identity and interview with Stefano, the decision-maker for the fragrance.


Creation of fragrance samples.


Selection of the fragrance and diffusion with olfactory furnishings.