Made to Measure Perfume

Creating a bespoke perfume is a journey to discover one’s own olfactory memories,
deep emotions and sensations in order to build, note after note, one’s own olfactory history.

The olfactory memory

We instinctively close our eyes before inhaling a perfume, as if we were preparing for an inner journey, and, even before consciously recognising what we are smelling, we let ourselves be transported into other temporal dimensions or, on the contrary, we remain suspended in the present moment. Perfumes can take us anywhere. They are a magic carpet that we can ride to hidden worlds, not only in other times and in other places, but deep within ourselves, under the surface of everyday life.

By creating the tailored perfume for the brand or the person, we build the olfactory identity and the message that you want to express or remember through the sense of smell.

The perfume creation

The creation of a perfume follows a well-defined process, which consists of two important phases: the creative one and the analytical one. The creative part is entrusted to the Naso, to design compositions that are consistent with the client’s brief. The analytical part is entrusted to specialised laboratories, for the formulation of a finished product of the highest quality and in compliance with current regulations.

Producing a perfume is not only creativity, but also respecting high standards of quality and reliability. For this reason, we perform accurate environmental quality tests and compatibility analysis with the products on display, we collaborate with the best Master Perfumers and rely on the best laboratories specialised in the creation of perfumes.

Our Master Perfumers

Composers, creators, perfumers or more simply “Naso”: they are entrusted with the creation of the final fragrance. By following the initial brief and choosing the best raw materials on the market, they manage to transform what is initially imagined into perfume. As conductors, they harmonise the essences with each other, like musical notes, giving life to an olfactory composition perfectly suited to the initial idea.

Ephèmera collaborates with a portfolio of Italian and international master perfumers, carefully selected for each project, according to the creativity and personality requested by the customer.

Create your made-to-measure perfume

Take part in the Ephèmera perfume workshop: a multisensory group event in an exclusive location during which, after an introductory lecture on artistic perfumery, you will be guided in the creation of your own tailor-made perfume.


Create the made-to-measure perfume for your company

The conception of the brand’s bespoke perfume is at the centre of a broader olfactory branding project. The brand is thus enriched with the deepest and most memorable form of communication, the olfactory identity, capable of evoking, involving and seducing more than images and words, as it is expressed through the language of emotions.


Take part in our courses dedicated to the world of smell

Smell is one of the most powerful, surprising and unpredictable senses. It offers infinite possibilities of use, still little known and explored. Through our courses, you will be able to find out more.