About us

Ephèmera is the brand specialised in olfactory branding and intangible marketing.
We create an olfactory and multisensory experience with which companies can express their brand and, at the same time, trigger the most emotional part to their customers.


Ephèmera is the most beautiful image in a drawing book from the last century. In the wings, it has the deep colour of the water and the intense colour of the leaves. It is fragile but powerful, like the ancient paper page that tells it. His experience is intangible but real, short, with infinite traces. It has the essence of the most delicate and tenacious femininity over time that serves to give meaning to her life, which is already remembered. Ephèmera is the never-ending contrast between ephemeral and forever, light and deep, not invasive but intense.

It is the contrast between man and nature. Ephèmera arises from the concept of “intangible”, as something that cannot be seen but it has hidden and powerful potential. It represents the will to enjoy the pleasures of life, the here and now, and to go deep into things, experiences, encounters, relationships and beauty that surround us.


Efèmera // Ephemera
[from gr. εφήμεροσ «of a single day»]

The life of the Ephemeral on Earth lasts only an hour. In this short time, she dances in the air just in search of love and then lays her eggs, leaving them on the edge of the water. She does not need food, however satisfying its mission is. She knows the light of the sun and the moon, she learns to live by giving value, in the simultaneous expectation of ever new emotions. Aware of the remaining time, she flies without reserve, right up to the last grain of the hourglass.

The Story

Ephèmera has over twenty years of experience in the olfactory branding sector for important brands. Our know-how arises from the encounter of the technical competence with the creative wisdom of Florentine artisans. Over the years, we have curated complete olfactory branding projects, organised multisensory and training events at prestigious universities.
We have handled business development, retail, marketing, web marketing, social media and PR for prestigious niche brands and other sectors.

We are based in Florence, godmother of modern perfumery with a history that begins at the time of the alchemists and the Medici. Ephèmera is here, where the connection with the history and the magic of our city has endless stories to tell, about perfume and other senses. We constantly take inspiration, collaborate with artists and artisans to create experiences and objects that convey the artistic beauty of something that is unique in the world.

The Mission

We support the company in the discovery and interpretation of the olfactory, emotional and multisensory essence of the brand and in the addition of it in the interpretation and storytelling path for the final customer. We do this through a series of specific olfactory and sensorial activities, such as sensory communication, branding, product design and olfactory decor, planning of multisensory events, structuring of training workshops and lectures.

The Values

The four key elements of Ephèmera.


Essence of the company and our heartbeat. Symbol of art and creativity, cradle of the Renaissance and of the perfume tradition.


To make the most beautiful moments indelible. Ours is a language that plays the strings of the soul.


Uniqueness, personalization, attention to detail and aesthetic taste. Aspects that play an essential role in our activities.


We are a pioneering company, and proud to be very different from others. We always look to the future, we explore new worlds and themes.

The Team