The Green Circle

An innovative sensory and sustainable experience.
An olfactory logo that speaks of nature and simplicity, with an elegant, discreet background and a light persistence.

The Green Circle

The client

The Green Circle by RareMood is the section of MILANO HOME dedicated to sustainability and research: a bespoke creation designed to express the values of both projects, enveloping visitors who step into The Green Circle space in a multisensory experience that will leave a lasting impression on their olfactory memory.

Isabella Goldmann

Isabella Goldmann, a prominent figure in bio-architecture and an influential opinion leader on sustainability, has left an indelible mark with her bestseller “A Bio-Architect as a Friend.” Her approach, based on bio-architecture, blends beauty with attention to chemical, physical, and ergonomic aspects to create serene and sustainable homes. With decades of dedication in the field, Goldmann is a leading authority guiding new visions of living, where the home becomes a haven of well-being and sustainability.

The project

“The Green Circle” focuses on 60 products that are still little known and not widely distributed, each with a story of great attention to quality, crafted with care, durability, resilience, affection, respect, and ingenuity. These products, carefully selected by architect Goldmann, tell stories of research and passion, with the common goal of producing beautiful, intelligent, and useful objects that enhance ancient knowledge and promote new technologies, always with a deep consideration for the environment and people’s well-being. These objects not only stand out for their extraordinary quality and unique usability, but they also have the power to generate emotions, create memories, and convey wonder, sharing, joy, and an awareness of beauty and utility.

The “The Green Circle” project aims to suggest a new way of conceiving the purchase of household items, encouraging greater attention to sustainability and commitment to conscious consumption. A significant aspect of the project is its focus on women’s contributions. Isabella Goldmann has always stood out for her contribution to the role of women in the fields of architecture and sustainability. The “The Green Circle” project highlights the value of women in promoting sustainable innovation and the search for ecological solutions for a better future.

Isabella Goldmann’s “The Green Circle” presents itself as a revolutionary project that not only celebrates the sustainability and quality of products but also adds a unique sensory experience through the RareMood olfactory logo. A combination of elegance, nature, and social commitment, transforming living into a complete and conscious experience.

L’identità olfattiva

A Celebration of Nature and Elegance

In creating the olfactory logo, we were guided by a key principle in the world of bio-architecture and sustainable innovation: bringing nature into the home, whether in the form of sunlight, air, color, or greenery. We also included wood, which represents the quintessential sustainable and biocompatible material. We could not omit notes that evoke the important female contribution and the role of women in architecture and sustainability. Finally, we added a touch of sparkling happiness that arises when one manages to create a healthy, beautiful home or space in harmony with the environment and people’s well-being. A fragrance that speaks of nature and simplicity, with an elegant, discreet background and a light persistence.


Lemon, Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Pink Pepper

The fragrance opens with a sensation of joy, happiness, and vitality thanks to the sunny and carefree notes of lemon combined with the notes of Calabria’s green gold, bergamot, one of the most spectacular and versatile ingredients in the natural palette. Also known as rose baies, pink peppercorns add a bright, sharp, and powdery touch to the composition, creating a thread that intertwines with rose water, also known as Venus water, obtained from the processing of precious damask rose petals. The “sun” that radiates and illuminates the composition is represented by Cananga flowers, yellow, fleshy, and highly fragrant.


Rosewater, Lemon Flowers, Yellow Cananga Flowers, Iris

In the heart notes, you cannot escape the scent of lemon flowers, one of the most intense and vibrant perfumes. Ethereal, ancestral, elusive, capable of evoking images, memories, and forgotten sensations. The fragrance is further enriched with the presence of iris flower, a key ingredient in many classic fragrances throughout history, capable of providing a sense of refinement and elegance typical of Italian savoir-faire.


Vanilla Cedarwood, Patchouli, Amber, Musk, Lemon

In the base notes, the sweetness of vanilla blends with the sweet, balsamic, and profound scent of one of the most majestic and legendary woods, cedarwood, a symbol of spirituality and immortality. The olfactory composition is completed with the presence of green patchouli leaf, evoking the imagery of lush tropical nature and providing a final enveloping sensation.