BB Rent

A Sparkling, Sweet, and Reflective Fragrance.
An invitation to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

BB Rent

The client

BB Rent represents excellence in car rental in Bergamo, with a young and dynamic heart. The mission is clear: to make mobility accessible and safe for everyone, with particular attention to new drivers. The company offers a wide range of vehicles and flexible services, ensuring safety and reliability on every journey. As the payoff says, “Life has endless roads, rent your first car to explore them all,” BB Rent invites customers to join them and discover the freedom of exploring without boundaries.

The brand

Like a lightning bolt cutting through the night sky, BB Rent positions itself as a brand that brings energy and dynamism to the car rental sector. The fluorescent yellow of the logo is a spark of vitality and optimism, while black represents the solid and safe road to travel. BB Rent conveys a young, dynamic, and reliable mood. The company stands out for an atmosphere that communicates safety and accessibility, inviting customers to explore the world with confidence and without limits.


Fluorescent yellow is a vibrant and visible color, often associated with attention and safety. It is a color that immediately catches the eye, symbolizing energy, optimism, and creativity. In the context of car racing, fluorescent yellow evokes the image of lightning crossing the sky, a symbol of speed and power. This association not only makes the BB Rent brand immediately recognizable but also conveys a sense of reliability and dynamism.


Black, as a background, enhances fluorescent yellow, creating a strong and decisive contrast. This color is often associated with elegance and sophistication. In the context of car racing, black represents the road and the adrenaline of speed. This solid and professional color perfectly balances the explosive energy of yellow, grounding the brand with a sense of authority and safety.

The scent identity

BB Rent has created its olfactory identity, a sensory journey to gift its customers. A fragrance that is diffused within the store and will accompany customers on their car journeys.

Fragrance Description

Begin your adventure with enthusiasm, with the fresh and sparkling aroma of lemon zest evoking the start of a journey on a sunny and open road. The sweetness of laughter among friends accompanies the path, awakening in the heart the memories of the best moments spent together. And finally, the calm of the evening enveloped in the essence of sandalwood, a moment of inner peace to treasure in memory and heart an intense day of new experiences and discoveries.


Top Notes: Lemon Zest and Sweet Almond

The fragrance opens with a spark of lemon zest, an explosion of freshness and vitality that immediately recalls the bright yellow and brisk energy of the BB Rent brand. This vibrant start is like the feeling of getting behind the wheel for the first time, ready for a road adventure, full of enthusiasm. The sweet almond adds a hint of sweetness, balancing the acidity of the lemon and introducing a sense of welcome and familiarity.


Marshmallow Accord and Almond Blossom

As the fragrance develops, the heart notes emerge with a marshmallow accord and almond blossom. The soft and enveloping marshmallow represents the sweetness of new experiences, while the almond blossom adds a floral touch, a symbol of growth. These sweet and light aromas transport the wearer to a world of infinite possibilities, reflecting the desire for exploration and adventure.


Vanilla and Creamy Sandalwood

At the base of the olfactory composition are vanilla and creamy sandalwood. Vanilla, with its warm and enveloping aroma, brings a feeling of comfort and security, while sandalwood, with its millennia-old history and spiritual properties, adds depth and serenity. Sandalwood, known for promoting calm and meditation, invites the wearer to inner reflection, encouraging awareness of the “here and now.” It is a call to wisdom and serenity, an invitation to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.