CERVO Mountain Resort

A spiritual and evocative fragrance that expresses the concept of “The luxury of being with ourselves”. Exploration and transformation from hunter to nomad are the key concepts that guided and inspired the creation of the olfactory logo for this client.

CERVO Mountain Resort

The client

The CERVO Mountain Resort is an exclusive and refined accommodation facility, a destination for travellers and explorers, located in the heart of Zermatt and surrounded by the beauty of the Swiss Alps. Following the expansion and restyling of the structure, the owner decided to create a fragrance able to identify the location and the experience lived within it.

The resort

The hotel features exclusive rooms and common areas, a private SPA where the travellers can relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape, thanks also to the outdoor pools, and a meditation and yoga room, furnished in an oriental and welcoming style.

The scent identity

A liquid memory to take with you at the end of your stay, in remembrance of the memorable days spent in the hotel. The olfactory logo of the place evokes a feeling of inner well-being, which is felt during the stay and at the same time a mood of exploration, in search of the “modern nomad”.

The scent installation

The olfactory logo is currently disseminated in the location through high-tech systems. In addition, an olfactory furniture collection was designed.

The creative process




Brand identity analysis and interview with the owner


Creation of fragrance samples together with the Master perfumer


Organisation of the event in Florence for the choice of the olfactory logo


Design of the olfactory branding strategy


Creation of the olfactory branding book designed for the brand

The results

The fragrance tailored for CERVO Mountain Resort allows guests to relieve the sensation experienced in the hotel, the luxury of spending time with themselves and with loved ones, in an atmosphere that recreates the sensation itself in every detail. Thus, the fragrance becomes a guide within the place, accompanies the guests throughout their stay, remaining invisibly etched in their memory.