Olfactory Collections Design

From concept to production, create your personalised collection with us.

The personalised collections

Make your emotional communication even more effective by designing an olfactory collection tailored to your brand. The perfume of your company goes beyond the boundaries of room fragrance and becomes a series of olfactory furnishing objects to sell or to give to your customers.

We design for your brand

Ephèmera supports you in the creation of customised collections of products related to the Scent Identity,
in the conception and design of packaging and individual objects.


Room fragrance spray
Room diffusers with rattan stick
Ancient Pharmacy Diffusers
Scented candles


Fabric spray
Scented Paper
Scented objects


Scented Ceramics


Scented Waters
Perfume collections

The olfactory decor

The atmosphere of a place is also constituted by its smell, the first detail that is perceived when crossing the threshold, even before the visual image. Perfuming rooms is an ancient art that characterises and connotes the function of a place.

The scent of a place promotes conviviality, revitalises, calms, affects the mood, a true mood enhancer, which also improves brain activity. The essences, through the olfactory furnishings, take care of people even within the walls where they live, work or shop. The new model is a sensitive home or business space: perceivable, intelligent, emotional.

Concept, Research & Development, Production

We create a project that is perfectly consistent with the objectives, the brand image and the target consumer. We outline the concept of the product or collection: identity, function, positioning, message, storytelling, individual components, graphics, primary and secondary packaging. We take care of the whole process, from the concept to the research and development, up to the production of the objects.

Regulatory & Logistics

We draw up all the necessary documentation for placing products on the market. We support the staff in packaging and shipping training, so that the product is safe and compliant in the countries of destination.