Linea Daria

A fragrance with a unique character, a blend of notes reminiscent of gin and tonic, sense of lightness and a pinch of nostalgia, the same that we find in the phrases of Anna Benvenuto, founder of the brand.

Linea Daria

The client

Linea Daria is a brand of personalized products, ranging from clothing to home decor, and including special editions and seasonal items. It is targeted towards a young audience but not exclusively so. It stems from an idea by Anna Benvenuto, the founder and creative director of the project. Linea Daria is many things, a combination of chance and coincidences that together acquire a beautiful meaning and give life to unique universes of creativity and wonder. A feeling, an Instagram page, and irreverent graphics are the seeds from which a brand and a creative studio come to life—an extraordinary journey that captivates and surprises daily.

The brand

Linea Daria is a brand that has managed to shed physicality and embrace lightness as an intangible factor. A brand with a clear vision that speaks of the power of passion, the influence of inspiration, the role of enthusiasm, and emphasizes the importance of dreaming. It has a strong chromatic identity, with colors found in the branding and the Bergamo store that evoke feelings, influence our mood, and shape our thinking. Colors, like fragrances, connect with the most emotional and profound aspects of individuals. They are not merely decorative elements but sensory elements that communicate and create an atmosphere.The ability to effectively communicate various themes with the right lightness, always respecting everyone and everything. To make everyone feel in a friendly place, where being oneself is beautiful, and where a false sense of perfection should not reign. We talk about Gin Tonic & Vuoti di Memoria, yes, but in the next post, we stand at the forefront in the fight against breast cancer. To make people laugh but also reflect, always. Because laughter and reflection often go hand in hand.

The scent identity

A fragrance that is simple yet sophisticated, with a unique character. A blend of notes reminiscent of gin and tonic and a sense of lightness, coupled with an extra touch of uniqueness. It evokes in those who perceive it an olfactory sensation similar to the experience of reading sentences conceived and crafted by Anna. It is a feeling of listening, empathy, generosity, kindness, gratitude, and above all, love, with a hint of nostalgia.

These are the characteristics of a successful brand, as it is beloved. Today, it is not enough for a brand to be unique and irreplaceable; it must be irresistible. 

Successful brands today are just and consistent, dedicated to important themes such as sustainability, inclusion, equal opportunities, and innovation, without compromising the well-being of the environment and people. For this reason, Linea Daria has chosen a fragrance that incorporates both synthetic and natural olfactory notes, with high biodegradability and low aquatic toxicity. All of this is complemented by a commitment to environmental, ethical, and circular sustainability.

The use of the scent

The olfactory logo is disseminated at the current flagship store in Bergamo and during the numerous events organized throughout Italy. It is utilized to infuse the packaging of products shipped to customers through e-commerce sales, and after a purchase, the store concludes by incorporating the scent.Linea Daria customers encounter the ambient and fabric fragrance throughout the entire purchasing process, from the physical store to online sales, and it permeates the T-shirts and caps, which are the most purchased and iconic items of the brand. In the near future, scented products incorporating the olfactory logo will be designed for sale.

The creative process




Brand Identity analysis and interview with the brand founder


Creation of fragrance samples together with the Master perfumer


Organisation of the event at the suite in Florence for the choice of the olfactory logo


Design of the olfactory branding strategy and olfactory furnishings


Diffusion of the fragrance


Creation of the olfactory branding book and fragrance storytelling