Bianchi e Nardi

The hands of the master perfumer have selected the finest notes, perfectly in tune with the brand identity and the feeling-emotion of “giving” to customers in the Bianchi and Nardi boutiques in Italy and around the world.

Bianchi e Nardi

The client

Bianchi e Nardi is the Florentine company specialised in high-end leather goods and exotic and precious leather bags. Founded in 1946, today the third generation of the two families of entrepreneurs, Bianchi and Nardi, is entrusted to the management of the brand. 

The company boasts the masterful use of agate stone to diamond crocodile skin, making each finished object unique and precious.

The Atelier

Bianchi e Nardi exhibits their bags in the two ateliers in Florence and Milan. Here, you can have a unique experience, the creation of a totally personalised bag. In the splendid setting of Piazza della Signoria in Florence, customers can fully savour all the experience and passion of the Florentine artisan tradition and admire the classicism of the workmanship merged with modern innovation. Bianchi and Nardi products are characterised by the research and careful study of materials, carefully selected at the origin, and they have a very high quality, which is a result of creativity and dexterity, wrapped in the elegance of the unmistakable and carefully made in Italy style.

The scent identity

Irresistible Beauty is the name of the fragrance that evokes the historicity, the tradition, the craftsmanship of the skilled hands of the artisans, the story of Bianchi and Nardi and the city where it all started, the atmosphere of the shop in Piazza della Signoria. An elegant, refined, irresistible, persistent, polished, magical perfume, evocative of the colours, the beauty and the shine of Bianchi e Nardi bags, which stimulates the imagination and transports you to another place by closing your eyes.

The Scent Installation

A sophisticated and irresistible sillage that is spread in boutiques and in the company’s headquarters, as well as used in the various stages of corporate communication. A small bag impregnated with the olfactory logo will be inserted inside each Bianchi e Nardi bag. The goal of this action is to donate the olfactory dimension to the bag, which by nature of the materials with which it’s made, the exotic leather, is odourless, and thus allow the customer to carry with him the olfactory memory of the experience Bianchi and Nardi.
Finally, an olfactory furniture collection that incorporates scent will be on sale.

The creative process




Brand Identity analysis and interview with the CEO and the Creative Director


Creation of fragrance samples together with the Master perfumer


Organisation of the event at the company for the choice of the olfactory logo


Installation of machines for the diffusion in the location


Design of the olfactory branding strategy and the olfactory furniture


Creation of the olfactory branding book


Team building event and training course organised for the company management and the sales team of the boutiques to get to know in depth the olfactory logo and its correct use

The results

The Bianchi e Nardi fragrance reflects the clientele of the boutiques: refined, elegant women,
with a great culture and a passion for handmade objects that bring back the concept of beauty.
The powdery notes make the stay in the shop extremely pleasant, enveloping and making you dream.
The fragrance has a strong “anchor” effect and is unequivocally linked to the brand identity.