Sensory Events & Experiences

Organising corporate and private events by integrating multisensory experiences that harmoniously involve all 5 senses is the easiest way to involve and make the event memorable.

Multisensory Events

To be lived, felt and remembered, the events must become real sensory experiences capable of involving and entertaining the participants. Whether it is a private event or a corporate event, the word of obligation is memorability. And a multisensory event has precisely this characteristic: by stimulating all 5 senses and increasing the involvement of guests – thanks to sensory experiences -, it is able to excite and transmit the communicative message in a more incisive way.

The five senses

Multisensory events are, by nature, memorable and fun. To create a totally engaging experience, it is essential to connect the five senses. Here are some of the elements that make a multisensory event.



Moving elements, lighting, projections and scenographies, objects of Italian craftsmanship and art, green design, live presence of artists and craftsmen.



Live music with the presence of a master musician, effects and soundscapes.



Use of fine fabrics, interactive walls, materials of Italian craftsmanship, live presence of artists and craftsmen.



Diffusion of the customised perfume created for the event, flower design.



Menus specially designed for the event to be associated with the chosen olfactory notes.