La Ripa Boutique Hotel

A perfume that tells a story, the history of the La Ripa boutique hotel, the historicity of the place, of the fifteenth-century column, supporting the structure which is also the visual logo symbol of the hotel and which evokes a tree floating in the water, with lush branches, full of life and fruit.

La Ripa Boutique Hotel

The client

La Ripa boutique hotel rises from the fifteenth-century structure of the Ripa Convent in Albino, from which it inherited the serene atmosphere and collected silence of the place of worship. The convent stands as guardian and witness to the extraordinary history of a period residence whose traces still speak today, through frescoes and columns of the time, the ancient church, the elegant cloister around the well and the gardens which, as in the past, they smell of aromatic herbs.

The Boutique Hotel

The La Ripa boutique hotel is a very modern hotel where at the same time you can breathe historicity. At the same time, there is no lack of the concept of well-being that we want to give to every guest of the hotel. The mainly business guest finds a welcoming, relaxing, enveloping environment where one feels at home. The name La Ripa also recalls the steep, meadow-covered bank that existed in the area where the hotel stands today. The green or fruity notes are reminiscent of meadows, the wind, the snow, nature. The pursuit of the guest’s physical and mental well-being is a key point of the hotel. The perfume is able to give a feeling of well-being and feeling good. A perfume transforms you and relaxes you, makes you dream. The hotel is highly appreciated by customers for the feeling of welcome and “feeling at home”.

The scent identity

The La Ripa home fragrance was created by the hands of a craftsman in Florence to tell the historicity of the boutique hotel and the symbolism that revolves around the weight-bearing column of the structure, dating back to the fifteenth century. The column, located in the main hall near the reception, evokes – according to the sculptor Viveka who oversaw the renovation project – a tree floating in the water, with lush branches, full of life and fruit. Today it represents the logo of the hotel. Vanilla, together with amber and musk, evokes an “ancient smell”, like the fifteenth-century structure that handed down its beauty from century to century, and gives the environment an enveloping and welcoming feeling. The fruity and citrus notes are reminiscent of the column-tree floating in the water with lush fruit branches. This gives a feeling of naturalness, freshness, vitality and strong well-being to guests.

The scent installation

The fragrance created for La Ripa boutique hotel is diffused inside the hotel through 1 and 5 liter “Antica Farmacia” glass bottles with wooden rattan sticks, strategically positioned at the entrance and on the floors. The olfactory logo is also sprayed in the lift, on fabrics and in the places most frequented by customers to further convey the feeling of welcome and “feeling at home”.

The creative process




Analysis of the brand identity and interview with the hotel director


Creation of fragrance samples together with the master perfumer


Organization of the event at the hotel for the choice of the olfactory logo


Design of the olfactory branding strategy


Design and installation of the olfactory furniture

The results

The fragrance created for La Ripa boutique hotel reflects the feeling of well-being and “feeling at home” that the hotel wants to give to its guests. This fragrance evokes a smell that permeates the stone walls and becomes an ancient smell, like the fifteenth-century structure that passes down its beauty from century to century. Vanilla together with amber and musk represent this “ancient smell”.