The Psychology of Perfume: How Fragrances Influence Emotions and Purchase Decisions

Author: Ephèmera Date: 22 May '24 Category: EphèmeraMarketing & CommunicationOlfactory BrandingPerfume World
In the world of olfactory marketing, the power of a fragrance extends beyond sensory pleasure, deeply influencing emotions and purchase decisions. This article explores how fragrances act on human psychology, with a specific focus on the achievements of Ephèmera.

The Link Between Smell and Emotions

The sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system, responsible for emotions and memory. “Fragrance has the unique ability to transport people through time and space, activating intense memories and emotions” says Dr. Luca Turin, a biologist and perfume critic. This connection explains the powerful ability of fragrances to evoke the past.

Fragrances and Purchase Decisions

Studies have shown that fragrances can influence purchasing behavior. The custom fragrance of La Ripa boutique hotel, created by Ephèmera, enhances the customer experience, increasing the perception of a luxurious and welcoming environment.

Customization of Purchase Experiences

Customization in olfactory marketing is crucial. The case of Bianchi and Nardi, with a fragrance that captures the essence of luxury and elegance, shows how a perfume can create an unforgettable shopping experience, tied to the brand’s identity. “A custom perfume can be a powerful branding tool,” confirms Jo Malone, founder of the renowned perfume house.

Fragrances as a Marketing Tool

Using fragrances in marketing can intensify the effectiveness of campaigns. In the case of Teatro Manzoni, the olfactory signature creates a unique atmosphere, enhancing the cultural experience and strengthening the theater’s identity.

Practical Examples

Teatro Manzoni
The fragrance developed by Ephèmera contributes to creating a memorable atmosphere, enhancing the cultural experience.

Catellani & Smith
The scent of their showroom reflects the values of craftsmanship and luxury, creating a welcoming and refined environment.


The power of fragrances in olfactory marketing is immense, with the ability to deeply touch emotions and influence purchase decisions. “Understanding and exploiting the connection between scent and emotions is fundamental in modern branding” concludes the CEO of Ephèmera, Maurizio Predieri, highlighting the importance of a well-considered olfactory approach in marketing.