The power of the intangible: a sensory journey at Bocconi University

Author: Redazione Date: 24 May '23 Category: News & Events

Milan, May 9, 2023

In a captivating exploration of the hidden world of branding, the Bocconi Alumni community of Bocconi University in Milan hosted us in an extraordinary event entitled “What does your brand smell like? The importance of olfactory branding and marketing the intangible.

During the meeting we delved into the realm of olfactory marketing, unveiling the power and profound influence that scents can have on our emotions and memories.
The event brought together not only experts in the field, but also scholars and enthusiasts of the topic, eager to discover the as yet untapped potential of this new marketing model. With the aim of emphasizing the importance of multisensory experiences, we then engaged participants in a stimulating journey that, through the sense of smell, unleashed a cascade of emotions.

The discussion focused on the concept of olfactory branding, its immense evocative power, and how fragrances can become an integral part of a brand’s identity. Our panelists thus shared insights into the profound impact fragrances have in shaping consumer perceptions, creating lasting bonds and influencing purchasing decisions. They illustrated how, by harnessing the power of smell, brands can create deeper connections with their target audiences, improve their awareness and convey familiarity and trust, leaving their customer with an intangible yet lasting memory. The power of a company’s scent, or olfactory logo, in this case, is the very emotion it can recreate, and the suggestion it ignites, each time it is smelled.

During the event, we invited participants to embark on a true sensory adventure, exploring various fragrances. We passed around the room scented touches à sentir and told about the study, research, and journey made by the expert perfumers to reach those specific fragrances.

At this point the atmosphere became electrifying as those present experienced firsthand how fragrances could evoke powerful emotions and transport them to unique moments in their lives. The fragrances acted as a trigger, stimulating memories and feelings. And that is what intangible marketing is all about: using sensory elements in one’s business to excite, suggest, ignite perceptual intensities, envelop one in atmospheres, and engage to build relationships.

Through this immersive experience, Ephèmera’s talk highlighted how olfactory branding can open the door to a world of endless possibilities. We showed the growing recognition of this new strategy as an essential tool in the modern marketing arsenal. We revealed how companies can connect with their target audiences on a deeper, more personal level by embracing olfaction as an integral part of the consumer journey, and by incorporating multisensory elements into marketing strategies, including using them as a means to differentiate themselves from competitors.

The message we were able to convey during this event is, therefore, that the enormous potential of harnessing the power of scent, and playing with emotions, can leave an indelible mark on the minds, hearts, and noses of our customers.

We once again take this opportunity to thank the Bocconi Alumni Community, director Elena Gelosa, topic marketing leader Emanuele Acconciamessa, our speakers Manuela Ricci Bocciolini and Greta Porto, and all those in attendance to whom we were able to convey the Ephèmera passion.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event.

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