Olfactory Branding: your brand is unique, make it memorable

Author: Redazione Date: 6 September '22 Category: Olfactory Branding

Air, like scent, an intangible and immaterial element, is – together with lights, perspectives, colours, sounds – the calling card of an environment. Once we enter a place, whilst we decipher its codes with our eyes and appreciate the products and design, the air hits our noses and gives us back an indelible image of the sign that distinguishes it.

Smell is a fundamental sense in communication and scent, acting on the most primordial part of the brain, influences our emotions: it makes us happy – mood improves by 40% in the presence of a pleasant fragrance -, it arouses dormant memories in us deeply and allows us to remember or take home the memory of the experience linked to the brand.

Olfactory branding as a strategic tool

Olfactory branding is a highly innovative marketing discipline with growing relevance in the world of those companies where the customer, together with the product, is the central focus of all storytelling and brand experience. The goal is to involve customers in a unique and unforgettable experience, by stimulating the sense most connected to emotions and memory: smell.

The central element of an olfactory branding project is the creation of an olfactory identity that reflects and tells the identity of the brand. But not only that: it is also able to tell a story through the evolution of the various notes, a sensation and a precise emotion.

The olfactory logo

The olfactory identity is referred to as the olfactory logo or olfactory signature, a new sensory element that integrates as a pillar within the identity of a brand. The olfactory logo is therefore an element of Branding which has the same importance as the visual logo but which has greater hidden potential than it.

The olfactory logo is not a simple perfume diffused in the environment, but a tool that enters the marketing, communication and branding strategies of a company, transforming the customer’s perception and their purchasing experience. Just as the visual logo of a company is always present in corporate communication, the olfactory identity must also be a constant and omnipresent element in any corporate activity.

Strengthen brand identity with memorable experiences

The olfactory identity allows the company, which decides to design it, to create empathetic and more effective communication with the customer. In fact, the olfactory logo allows the company to remain “imprinted” forever and to be recognised much more easily.

In other words, thanks to olfactory branding, a company or brand can strengthen and fortify its image, make both the logo and the brand itself more memorable, convey its corporate philosophy in a clearer and more direct way, as well as its messages to customers, thus reaching a more personal level of contact that has never been explored before.

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