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Ephèmera was a guest of Bocconi University for an event as part of the Bocconi Alumni Topic Marketing activities.

Bocconi Alumni Community

What does your brand smell like?

The importance of olfactory branding and marketing of the intangible.

The event

On May 9, 2023 in Milan, Ephèmera was a guest of Bocconi University for an event as part of the Bocconi Alumni Topic Marketing activities. The event combined the theoretical and experiential dimensions, exploring some olfactory logos.

During the meeting we delved into the realm of olfactory marketing, revealing the power and profound influence that perfumes can have on our emotions and our memories. The event brought together not only industry experts, but also scholars and enthusiasts of the topic, eager to discover the not yet fully exploited potential of this new marketing model. With the aim of underlining the importance of multisensory experiences, we therefore involved participants in a stimulating journey which, through smell, unleashed a cascade of emotions.

The discussion focused on the concept of olfactory branding, its immense evocative power, and how fragrances can become an integral part of a brand’s identity. Our relationships have thus shared insights into the profound impact that scents have in shaping consumer perceptions, creating lasting bonds and influencing purchasing decisions. They illustrated how, by harnessing the power of smell, brands can create deeper connections with their target audience, improve their awareness and convey familiarity and trust, leaving their customer with an intangible but lasting memory. The power of perfume, or of a company’s olfactory logo, in this case, is the emotion itself that it manages to recreate, and the suggestion that lights up every time it is smelled.

The results

Through this immersive experience, Ephèmera’s intervention highlighted how olfactory branding can open the doors to a world of infinite possibilities. We have shown the growing recognition of this new strategy as an essential tool in the modern marketing arsenal. We revealed how companies can connect with their target audiences on a deeper and more personal level, embracing smell as an integral part of the consumer journey, and incorporating multi-sensory elements into marketing strategies, while also using them as a means to differentiate themselves by competitors. The message that we have managed to convey in this marketing topic is, therefore, that the enormous potential of exploiting the power of perfume, and playing with emotions, can leave an indelible mark on the minds, hearts and noses of our clients.