Best books about the world of perfume

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During our courses we are often asked what are our favorite books on artistic perfumery and sensory marketing. We suggest a few titles that, in our opinion, provide proper information about the world of fragrances and the related professions.
With the following books, written by master perfumers, industry professionals and marketing experts, we hope to further tickle your interests in the perfume realm. Happy reading!

Essence and Alchemy: A Book of Perfume
By Mandy Aftel – Perfumer

For centuries people have taken instinctive pleasure in rubbing scents into their skin, using them to pray, to heal, and to make love and war. Yet in many ways perfumery, with its creative and sensual possibilities, is a lost art. In Essence and Alchemy, Mandy Aftel unearths a forgotten world of natural essences and its profound resonance with body, mind, and spirit.
Mandy Aftel is the founder of Aftelier Perfumes, through which she creates one-of-a-kind perfumes for individuals and businesses.

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Il senso perfetto. Mai sottovalutare il naso
By Anna D’errico – Neuroscientist and researcher  

From the smelling-brain to the aromatherapy, from pheromones to the olfactory marketing; the evolution of human olfaction through debunked stories and unknown facts, the book unveils why our most neglected sense is connected to our emotional – and wild – soul. A journey into the secret life of our nose: why we smell what we smell.

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The Big Book of Perfume. For an olfactory culture
Edited by the Nez Magazine Collective, the first “olfactory magazine”

Have you ever wondered what is the history of the perfume you wear? The team from Nez, the olfactory magazine invites you on a very special journey to explore perfume in all its facets, delving into the heart of a fascinating yet little-known world. This book lifts the curtain on the best kept secrets of perfumery, answering all your questions about the world of smell. How does the sense of smell work? How has perfumery developed over the centuries? Where do the raw materials that make up perfumes come from? What does the profession of perfumery consist of and who are the “noses”? What do we find underlying the conception and development of a fragrance? What is and how is the marketing of the large perfume industry and how is a fragrance launched? What is meant by “independent perfumery”? How to “educate” our sense of smell to recognize smells? A book rich not only in content but also in illustrations.

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Dillo con un profumo. Come scegliere la fragranza ideale
By Mariangela Rossi – Perfumer

Perfume is first of all a poetic relationship with the self, but also the business card that represents us as an invisible dress. Perfume is our olfactory photograph; in contact with the skin it binds to us inextricably, merges and amalgamates with our smell, in a unique combination. Through scent, thus, we recognize and are recognized. Mariangela Rossi, a writer, journalist and lifestyle expert, takes us through the world of fragrances and, after outlining their history and secrets, helps us choose, from more than 200 scents, the ideal one and how to wear it at its best, in style and in every situation. And of fragrances, in addition to advice on training for those who dream one day of being able to create them, he also shows the more contemporary face: their application in less traditional areas such as gastronomy, art, furniture, travel and hospitality. A practical text to take readers by the hand behind the scenes of this extraordinary universe.

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Atlas of Perfumed Botany
By Jean-Claude Hellena – Perfumer and writer

For a perfumer, smells have a thousand sweetnesses; they are precious notes for building the olfactory narrative that permeates every scent and explains its evolution. Lavender, vetiver, jasmine, cinnamon. Immersed in these familiar essences as in a memory or a landscape, Jean-Claude Ellena narrates the diversity and composition of fragrances through a poetic, geographical and botanical journey. A surprising cartography of scents, connected to the history of world exploration, new lands and their people.

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La grammatica dei profumi
By Giorgia Martone – perfumer

An exciting journey along the roads of essences, through rich and vibrant woods like forests, precious and elegant flowers, fruits that return the fragrances of the Mediterranean. The sense of smell is the intangible realm of imagination, perfumes are the doors to get there.

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Vendere l’immateriale. Intangible marketing, marketing sensoriale, marketing narrativa
Annamaria Milesi – Marketing expert and lecturer

In today’s critical market environment, businesses should shift their gaze to the assets they often don’t know much about. And the book introduces and then leads us along this path. It tells us about the use of sounds, smells, scents, colors, flavors, in the construction of innovative olfactory architectures and sensory identities of spaces, products, companies, territories, brands in contemporary retail. It asserts the supremacy of emotions and narratives in the new paradigm of consumer relations. It tells us about a market inspired by the new Humanization of technology. A book that, penetrating into the territories of the latest generation of marketing, with a different look and new words, gives an indication of what to do and where to go. Intangible Marketing, that certain way I will make you feel: this is how the book summarizes the emotional message dedicated to the postmodern consumer and the sense and effectiveness of the path it proposes to us.

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The Ephèmera experience

Smell contributes to our experience of the environment and affects our mood, emotions, and memory. Scent is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to branding and communication. It allows you to reach the hearts of your customers without even saying a word. With scent you can help your customers remember important moments, evoke certain dreams, and associate your product or service with positive concepts. 

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