Bespoke Perfume: perfume made to measure

Author: Redazione Date: 20 January '23 Category: Perfume World

“Creating a bespoke perfume is a journey to discovering one’s own olfactory memories,
getting to build their own story, note by note.”

A perfume has multiple powers: it can communicate who we are to others, reveal our personality, create an indelible image and memory of us in the memory of those around us. This is the main reason why the art of creating bespoke fragrances is gaining momentum, taking perfumery to the next level.

Just like a tailor-made dress, a jewel or a portrait, customised perfumes are also exclusive works handmade by experts. In this case, we work with the artist to create a personal and specific fragrance, a perfect blend that combines art and science to evoke memories and emotions. A luxurious and unique experience, therefore, that is worth living at least once in a lifetime.

A unique aromatic portrait

Smell plays perhaps the most important role among our senses. “Nothing awakens a memory like a perfume”, said Victor Hugo. In fact, in an instant a fragrance can take us back to significant moments, it can awaken forgotten memories and sensations in us; thanks to our olfactory sense, we can recognise places or people, just as a certain smell can put us in a good or bad mood. This is the power of perfume.

As a result, choosing a bespoke fragrance takes on even greater importance. When we choose our perfume, we must remember that it will be linked to us, to the memory that people will have of us. It will tell a story written in the first person, on our skin. Our customised perfume will be our unique and recognisable aromatic portrait.

A painting made of perfumes and fragrances

The process of creating a bespoke perfume begins with a consultation between the master perfumer and the customer. The perfumer, also known as “nose”, is none other than an expert in the refined art of perfume, who uses their sense of smell and chemical knowledge to create their work, just as a painter does with tempera and brushes.

Firstly, to determine the top, heart and base notes, the perfumer needs to know the customer’s preferences, their olfactory memories and the specific emotions they want the perfume to evoke, precisely because we are attracted to different notes based on what we like or dislike, our mood and our personality.

At this point, the expert relies on their art and “palette” of fragrances, made up of a vast range of natural and synthetic ingredients, to guide the customer in discovering the world of essences in a sensory and immersive experience, until the desired result is achieved together, brushstroke after brushstroke.

Ephèmera, the Perfume Workshop for all

Nowadays, an increasing number of people prefer to rely on expert craftsmen, as well as training courses and workshops dedicated to this art are increasingly frequent, where they can actively participate in creating their own personalised composition.

At Ephèmera, we organise training courses, lectures and perfume workshops aimed at people of all levels and abilities. We believe that learning about smells and essences, mixing fragrances, guided by a fragrance specialist, is a great way to start the olfactory journey of discovery.

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